The TC-EM Subcommittee DC & Quantum Metrology meeting was celebrated as a combined meeting with SC Low Frequency and a Workshop of QuantumPower

 Dates: 2023-05-26 to 2023-05-26

You can see it through the video!



Download this file (19RPT01_D3_QuantumPower.pdf)D3_QuantumPower[ ]846 kB

Read the D1 report.

Download this file (D1 Report 05.08.2021.pdf)D1 Report 05.08.2021.pdf[ ]3982 kB

Quantum Power participated on the 10th meeting of the EURAMET SC P&E (May 26th and 27th, 2021).

Read the Quantum Power presentation.

The multiplexer is already in development. The schematic and board is almost finished. The production and testing of the multiplexer will be done in next months.

The software for controlling Josephson standard, multiplexer, and digitizers will be stored in github repository:

The TWM can control the multiplexer:

GitHub repository for the multiplexer. It contains board files, firmware and components. March 7, 2022.

The project officially started! The online kick-off meeting was held on 15. - 17. 9. 2020.

Read the summary of the project.

Download this file (19RPT01_Publishable_Summary.pdf)19RPT01_Publishable_Summary[ ]155 kB