The project 19RPT01 QuantumPower has helped several National Metrology Institutes (INMs) to improve their measurement capabilities. Concretely, JV (Norway), CEM (Spain), CMI (Czech Republic), INRIM (Italy), VTT (Finland) own now the means to calibrate power and energy instruments through accurate quantum standards.
Within the project a practical quantum sampling electrical power standard based on programmable Josephson voltage standards, traceable digitizers and transducers, has been designed and realised. The quantum sampling standard is able to measure electrical power, power quality (PQ) parameters and phasor with low uncertainty.
The software for the correct operation of the quantum power standard has also been developed. This opens source software enables measurement control, data processing and uncertainty estimation.
These new capabilities have narrowed the gap between INMs capabilities in Europe, helping to gain confidence in commercial electricity transactions that affect all citizens.
Deliverable 5 shows the first full test of the system, results are considered as satisfactory. Partners are working on methods to improve uncertainties and optimize the system. The method presented in D5 report can be used to validate any future QPS.